We Recommend

Community Activism and anti-Islamophobia

Inner-City Muslim Action Network: Grass-roots community work in the U.S.

French Site: We are also the nation

LoonWatch: "the moooslims; they're heeere!"

MPAC UK: Empowerment through Political Participation

NRCAT: National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Reprieve: Reprieve delivers justice and saves lives, from death row to Guantánamo Bay.


Progressive Awareness & Education

Zaytuna College: Traditional Islamic academic education in a modern climate

The Amman Message: Bringing all Muslims together under a common understanding

Ethica Institute: Islamic Finance in the Modern World

The Canadian Charger: Canadian Politics, Islam and Anti-Semitism

Reviving the Islamic Spirit: Annual conventions featuring cross-spectrum speakers

The Deen Institute: Dialogues within Islam

A Common Word: Muslim-Christian Dialogue at the highest levels

Irtiqa Blog: Science and Religion

‚ÄčMusawah: For Equality in the Muslim Family


Javed Ahmad Ghamidi : Theological thinker

Shabbir Akhtar : Philosopher and Political pragmatist.  Our page on this reclusive thinker.

Muslim Institute: Attempt to re-start critical philosophical debate

Academics & Journals

Contemporary Islam: Springer Journal

Islamophobia Studies Journal: University of California, Berkeley

Neal Robinson: Classical Quranic commentary and Contemporary Political Islam

Timothy Winter (Abd Al Hakim Murad): University of Cambridge